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CANADA TOUR (Toronto, Calgary & Edmonton) with Carlinde Kallianiotis

Where: Calgary

7628 Elbow Drive, SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2V 1K2, Canada

When: Tuesday April 4 - Wednesday April 5
Time: 7pm

Join us in Calgary as part of the Canada Tour with Travel Teacher Carlinde Kallianiotis from the USA.

April 4th,7pm
Public Lecture: Karma-Causality
April 5th,7pm
Public Lecture: Enlightened Mind-Bodhicitta
Lectures will be followed by a guided meditation. Everyone is welcome.

About Carlinde Kallianiotis:

Carlinde Kallianiotis has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism and a student of Lama Ole Nydahl since 2004. Originally from the Netherlands, Carlinde was an active member of the Amsterdam Sangha and has also lived in the Copenhagen Buddhist Center. Now living in Connecticut with her husband and daughter she supports Diamond Way activity across the US and is closely involved in running and organizing events at the Northeast Retreat Center. Carlinde has a degree in international management and conflict resolution and is an experienced mediator. She is currently the Director of Training for an education institute. Following Lama Ole’s request, she shares her experiences and teaches Diamond Way Buddhism.

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