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"The History of Diamond Way: The Life Stories of Karma Kagyu Masters" shared by Zsolt Kecskés

Where: Westside Community Art Center

540 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

When: Wednesday September 21
Time: 7:30pm

You will be amazed at this tale about the Karma Kagyu yogis' journeys to "realization" (seeing things exactly as they are) and passing on that understanding, teacher to student, for 1200+ years. Each had some interesting challenges along the way to reach the level of "Master". Come learn about how Vajrayana Buddhism was passed along intact up until this very day.

Suggested donation: $10 newcomers/$15 general

This evening will include lecture, Q&A, and a guided meditation. No experience needed.

About the Speaker:
Zsolt took Buddhist refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in Hungary in 1996 and has been teaching in Diamond Way Buddhist Centers since 2009. He lived in Finland for 16 years until 2015 but now lives in the Diamond Way Center in Budapest, Hungary and works in IT.

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