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Weekend with Zsolt Kecskes in Seattle

Where: Seattle

2114 Western Ave, Unit #6-10, Seattle, WA 98121

When: Saturday September 24 - Sunday September 25

Please join us for weekend lectures and meditations with a traveling teacher Zsolt Kecskes, a student of Lama Ole Nydahl.


Saturday Sep 24
10:30am meditation session
3:00pm Lecture: Sangha
7:00pm Lecture: Meditation

Sunday Sep 25
11:00am meditation
12:00pm Q&A
7:00pm Lecture: Refuge


Zsolt took Buddhist refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in Hungary in 1996 and has been teaching in Diamond Way Buddhist Centers since 2009. He lived in Finland for 16 years until 2015. Now Zsolt lives in the Diamond Way Center in Budapest, Hungary and works in IT.

We welcome out-of-town friends and offer overnight stay for the days.

There is a suggested donation of $15 per lecture to help cover Zslot’s airfare.

Please contact us for more information:


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