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Buddhist Lectures with Ulla Unger

Where: San Diego

2823 Curie Place, San Diego, CA 92122, USA

When: Tuesday May 31 - Wednesday June 1

Please join us for Buddhist teachings and meditations with the traveling teacher Ulla Unger.

Tuesday May 31 --- Lecture “Refuge and the Enlightened Attitude” followed by 16th Karmapa Group Meditation

Wednesday June 1 --- Lecture “Meditation” followed by 16th Karmapa Group Meditation

No prior experience with Buddhism or meditation is necessary and beginners are welcome.

Ulla was born in Fussen Allgau, Germany in 1960 and studied Nutrition in Bonn. In 1981 she took Buddhist refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in Karlsruhe. In 1985 she moved to Munich and helped start the current Diamond Way Buddhist center there, where she lived for 15 years until 2000. Ulla, together with Detlev Goebel, served as co-editor of the magazine Kagyu Life, now called Buddhismus Heute, and was the founder of the Bavarian Karma Kagyu Trust, now called the Buddhist Center of Bavaria. She has been teaching in Diamond Way Buddhist Centers since 1992. She has been involved in writing and publishing activities, and since 2001 owns and drives a taxi in Munich for a living.

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