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WRC Ngöndro Retreat – Aug 13-15, 2021

Where: Western Retreat Center

In the Mountains Far, Far Away...

When: Friday August 13 - Sunday August 15

Dear Friends!

Please join us at WRC for the Ngöndro retreat on Aug 13-15, 2021. This retreat coincide with the second weekend of the Global Summer Course 2021, so additional program and activities to be expected, including possible streaming of Lama Ole's lectures and common national and/or worldwide meditation sessions over Zoom.

Retreat Schedule:

Arrival/Set-Up: 2pm-4pm
Meditation Session: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 8pm-9pm

Meditation Session: 8am-9am
Breakfast: 9am-10am
Ngöndro Explanations: 10am-11am
Meditation Session: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm-3pm
Meditation Session: 3pm-5pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
Ngöndro Q&A w/TTs: 8pm-9pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 9pm-9:30pm

Meditation Session: 8am-9am
Breakfast: 9am-10am
Meditation Session: 10am-12pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 12pm-12:30pm
Lunch: 1pm-2pm
Cleaning/Break-Down: 2pm-3pm

Retreat Cost:
Fri-Sun -- $70/person
Sat-Sun -- $50/person

Please help us plan the meals by emailing your arrival day, time and number of people in your party to wrc-kitchen@diamondway.org.

We look forward to practicing together at WRC!

WRC Team

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