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View, Meditation and Action with Gilberto Ribalta

Where: Boston

29 Rockingham Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

When: Tuesday December 10
Time: 8 PM

Special Lecture on View, Meditation and Action with Gilberto Ribalta

Learn about Diamond Way Buddhist methods, and how to weave meditation into our daily lives. Our centers belong to the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, which is renowned for its accomplished meditation masters.

About the teacher:
After two years practicing the Diamond Way methods and establishing a community of friends in Havana, Gilberto took Buddhist refuge with Lama Ole in 2005 (during his first visit to Cuba). In 2006, Gilberto moved to Ireland where he joined the Dublin Sangha and helped with Center activities for few years. Since 2008, he has enrolled in several study courses and meditation retreats, with some of the Kagyu Lamas (in Europe and Asia). In 2014, Lama Ole asked him to be available when requested to share the Buddha Dharma. Gilberto currently reside with his family in Cologne, Germany.

Suggested Donation: $10

Street parking is available on the corner of Rockingham and Granite street and along Granite. There is also a large parking lot with a Trader Joe's 2 minutes walk away from the center.

29 Rockingham Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

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