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Weekend meditation retreat with Jenia Hrihorieva

Where: Seattle

2114 Western Ave, Unit #11, Seattle, WA 98121

When: Saturday November 9 - Sunday November 10

This weekend we're going to have a few meditation sessions throughout both days, dedicated to personal ngondro practice (self-guided). We will also have two talks, followed by a short 16th Karmapa guided meditation, suitable for newcomers.

Saturday, November 9th

12:00pm - meditation session
1:30pm - lunch break/walk
2:30pm - meditation session
4:00pm - coffee break/walk
5:00pm - meditation session
6:00pm - dinner
8:00pm - lecture: Ngondro – The Four Preliminary Practices, followed by 16th Karmapa Meditation

Sunday, November 10th

11:00am - meditation session
12:30pm - lunch break/walk
2:00pm - meditation session
3:30pm - coffee/ walk
4:30pm - meditation session
6:00pm - dinner
8:00pm - lecture: Buddhist Refuge followed by 16th Karmapa Meditation

About Jenia Hrihorieva

Jenia has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism from 1999 from the moment she met Lama Ole and Hannah in Kyiv (Ukraine). Fascinated by their human example she came into Kagyu family: being on the road with Lama, guiding pilgrimage tours to India and Nepal and played an active role in the development of the Diamond Way Buddhist centers in Crimea, Ukraine. Since 2008, at the request of her teacher, she has been giving worldwide lectures about the basics of Buddhism. Education: Documentary Film Director. Working on a documentary project "History of Buddhism”.

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