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Meditation Retreat with Gilberto Ribalta

Where: Heartland Retreat Center

18520 WI-33, Ontario, WI 54651

When: Friday December 13 - Sunday December 15


Weekends at the HRC allow both experienced and new practioners to go deeper into the Buddhist practice. Each day is scheduled to include lectures and Q&A and both individual and group meditation sessions.



7 pm - Public lecture by Gilberto: "What is Diamond Way Buddhism", followed by 16th Karmapa meditation


8:30 am - 30-min group prostration session
9 am - Breakfast
10 am - Meditation
12 pm - Lunch
1 pm - Meditation
4 pm - Meditation
6 pm - Dinner
8 pm - 16th Karmapa meditation, lecture by Gilberto: "The Meaning of the Sangha"
10 pm - HRC Gompa fund raiser - Cuban movie night

8:30 am - 30-min group prostration session
9 am - Breakfast
10 am - Meditation
11 am - Q&A
1 pm - Clean up


This weekend will be guided by Gilberto Ribalta, a Diamond Way Buddhist and student of Lama Ole Nydahl.

Weekend costs are $50 for the full weekend which includes lectures, meals and sleeping arrangements. Otherwise its $5 per meal, $10 for each day of lectures, and $5 per night for sleeping. A private guest room is available for $25 per night.

The HRC is located at 18520 Hwy 33, outside of Ontario, WI. You'll find detailed directions at http://www.diamondway.org/hrc/directions.php

If you have any questions, please write to us at hrc@diamondway.org or call (608) 337-4747.


After two years of practicing Diamond Way Buddhism in Cuba, Gilberto took Buddhist refuge in 2005 during Lama Ole's first visit to the country. In 2006, Gilberto moved to Ireland and supported the activity in the Diamond Way Buddhist Center of Dublin. Over the last ten years he has participated in several study courses and meditation retreats with Kagyu lamas in Europe and Asia. In 2014, Lama Ole asked Gilberto to teach in Diamond Way Buddhist Centers. He currently resides with his family in Cologne, Germany.


The Heartland Retreat Center belongs to an international, non-profit network of nearly 700 lay groups and centers of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The Diamond Way centers have been founded by Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl and are under the spiritual guidance of H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Trinley Thaye Dorje.

Learn more about the history of Diamond Way Buddhism through the award winning documentary, HANNAH: Buddhism's Untold Journey, which is available through Amazon, YouTube and other streaming services.

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