Diamond Way Events
Event Information

Weekend Program w/ Eugene Trak

Where: Boston

29 Rockingham Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

When: Friday November 1 - Sunday November 3
Time: 8 PM

Weekend Schedule:

Friday 11/1

8 PM Lecture : Buddhism in the Modern World (main introduction lecture)*

Saturday 11/2

1 PM Lunch
3 PM Lecture: Importance of the Lama in Diamond Way Buddhism
followed by Lama Ole Live Streaming
5 PM Personal Practice
6 PM Dinner
8 PM Lecture : The Six Liberating Actions

Sunday 11/3

11 AM Brunch
12 PM Lama Ole Live Streaming

All lectures are followed by a meditation

Lama Ole will be teaching in Lima, Peru this weekend so we will live stream his lectures together.

*For newcomers, we recommend you come for Friday lecture at 8pm.

Eugene started practicing Diamond Way Buddhism after meeting Lama Ole Nydahl in San Francisco in 1995. Since then, he has helped establish Buddhist centers in Minnesota, Colorado and California. He and his wife Lara run a web design company and currently live on the Central Coast of California, where they are actively involved in the development of the Western Retreat Center - WRC.

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