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WRC Ngöndro Retreat

Where: Western Retreat Center

In the Mountains Far, Far Away
Paicines, CA 95043

When: Friday November 15 - Sunday November 17

Please join us at WRC for a Ngöndro retreat over the weekend of November 15-17.

The Preliminary or Foundational Practices of Diamond Way Buddhism [Tib. Ngöndro] are profound and powerful means for affecting deep positive changes at every level of our being through purifying the negative karma and accumulating the good impressions and wisdom.

The explanations for different practices are always provided upon request and there is usually a Q&A panel with traveling teachers in attendance on the subject of Ngöndro.

Retreat Schedule:

Friday, November 15
Arrival/Set-Up: 2pm-4pm
Meditation Session: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 8pm-9pm

Saturday, November 16
Meditation Session: 8am-9am
Breakfast: 9am-10am
Ngondro Explanations: 10am-11am
Meditation Session: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm-3pm
Meditation Session: 3pm-5pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
Ngöndro Q&A w/TTs: 8pm-9pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 9pm-9:30pm

Sunday, November 17
Meditation Session: 8am-9am
Breakfast: 9am-10am
Meditation Session: 10am-12pm
16th Karmapa Meditation: 12pm-12:30pm
Lunch: 1pm-2pm
Cleaning/Break-Down: 2pm-3pm

Retreat Cost:
Fri-Sun -- $60/person
Sat-Sun -- $45/person

Please help us plan the meals - always email your arrival day, time and number of people in your party to wrc-kitchen@diamondway.org.

We look forward to this practice weekend at WRC!

WRC Team

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