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"Working with the Sangha" by Claudia Faiguenboim

Where: DWBC SF

Near 26th Ave & Geary Blvd. in the Richmond District of San Francisco

Please contact us for exact address:
(415) 294-1406

When: Sunday June 30
Time: 11am

The "Sangha" are the fellow practitioners that are journeying on this path toward liberation and enlightenment. The highest category of Sangha are the ones called "Boddhisatvas". These beings are very close to becoming fully awakened. (Buddhas)

In Diamond Way, the regular "friends along the way" are also very useful for our development. They act as mirrors for us and help polish the diamond that is each of us.

This Talk will include a "Q&A" and Guided Meditation.

All are welcome.

Suggested donation: $10 Newcomers/ $15 General

About the Speaker:
Claudia is originally from Brazil, and currently living in Palm Springs, where she works as a health coach. She took refuge in 2003 and following Lama Ole and Hannah's wishes she helped establish the DWB center in Barcelona, Spain. In 2010, she moved to Bogotá, Colombia, where she also helped establish, together with few idealistic friends, the first DWB living center of the country and their retreat center.

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