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Retreat weekend with Jeff Su

Where: Boston

29 Rockingham Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

When: Friday May 17 - Sunday May 19

Join us for lectures with Jeff Su at the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Boston!

Friday is an introductory lecture, and below is the complete weekend program:

Friday, May 17
8pm: What is Diamond Way Buddhism?

Saturday, May 18
11am: 16th Karmapa Meditation
1: Lunch
3pm: Death and Rebirth
5pm: Meditation
6pm: Dinner
8pm: The Three Levels and Three Pillars in Buddhism (or Small Way, Great Way and Diamond Way - View, Meditation and Action)

Sunday, May 19
10am: Brunch
11am: Teacher and Student Relationship

Jeff Su took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in October of 2007 in Australia and spent three weeks at The Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in 2008. At the request of Lama Ole Nydahl, Jeff began teaching in January 2009. Before coming to Diamond Way Buddhism, Jeff practiced for 10 years in other schools of Buddhism, including Sri Lankan and Burmese Thervadan schools, Gelugpa, and Nyingma schools. He also completed a two year degree in Buddhism and Psychotherapy and has a strong interest in how Buddhism and Western psychology mix, or donĀ“t mix. Professionally, Jeff currently practices a holistic psychotherapy informed by Buddhism and teaches English. In the past, Jeff was Professor of Ecology and Environmental Science and he has had a strong interest in Buddhism and Science for many years.

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