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Alberta Summer Course, CANADA

Where: Edmonton

13015 117 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 3H6 Canada

When: Friday June 28 - Monday July 1

The Diamond Way Buddhist Centres of Alberta are hosting the 8th Alberta Summer Course and inviting all practitioners from all corners of the world. The weekend will be filled with lectures and Q&A, meditation sessions, activities, meals, and socializing! Besides lectures on various topics, our teacher, Tal Guri from Israel, will answer questions and give special instructions for any of the meditation practices that belong to the Preliminary Meditation Practices. This is a family-friendly course!

WHEN: June 28 — July 1, 2019
WHERE: David Thompson Resort, Rocky Mountain *
Toll-free: +1-888-810-2103
Box 17, Nordegg, AB T0M 2H0
Cline River on Highway 11

COST: $175 per person
If you are not camping: $100
(Rooms and RV per night are about $180)
You can pay in advance by E transfer to edmontondwbcdonate@gmail.com
No charge for children/ donation by the parent for food only.
Includes: A tenting or trailer spot in Group Campsite B; You can also reserve an RV/Trailer, cabin, or room at the David Thompson Resort. Book ASAP as they book up fast! All meals except Monday morning when we usually go to the Cowboy Breakfast/$12; All lectures; Q&A; Personal Practice Time; Firewood; Amazingly Cold Glacier Water for Swimming. There is a restaurant on site (optional). You are most welcome to bring along your partners, children and dogs (dogs need to be on a leash).

For more information contact Rick at Rick.r.s.hoines@gmail.com or edmonton@diamondway.org

Wednesday, June 26
7 PM : Public Lecture: Topic TBA by Tal Guri
at the Calgary Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The Alberta Summer Course starts on Friday evening with a potluck at 6 PM.

Friday, June 28
3 – 5 PM : Setup campsite and Gompa Tent
6 PM : Welcome Potluck
8 PM : Lecture: Meditation followed by 16th Karmapa meditation

Saturday, June 29
8:30 – 10 AM : Breakfast
10 AM – 12 PM : Meditation (personal practice)
12 – 1 PM : Lecture: Ngondro, The Four Preliminary Practices
1:30 PM : Lunch
3 – 6 PM : Meditation or Hiking
6:30 PM : Dinner
8 PM : Lecture: The Four Noble Truths followed by 16th Karmapa meditation

Sunday, June 30

8:30 – 10 AM : Breakfast
10 AM – 12 PM : Meditation (personal practice)
12 – 1 PM : Lecture: Enlightened Mind – Bodhicitta
1:30 PM : Lunch
3 – 6 PM : Meditation or Hiking
6:30 PM : Dinner
8 PM : Lecture: The Meaning of the Sangha followed by 16th Karmapa meditation

Monday, July 1
9 – 11 AM : Cowboy Breakfast, $12
11 AM : 16th Karmapa Meditation

Tal Guri took refuge in 1999 during Lama Ole Nydahl’s first visit to Israel. In 2010, Lama Ole asked her to teach in Diamond Way Buddhist Centres. Tal works as an aerobic instructor and a personal trainer and has a 16-year-old daughter.

What to bring to the Alberta Summer Course

  • Cushion, mat and/or blanket, and everything else you use for your personal practice

  • Tent, sleeping mat, warm sleeping bag

  • Comfortable outdoor walking shoes

  • Clothing for warm days, cold Canadian nights, and potential rain

  • Towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, bag

  • Flipflops for the showers

  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)

  • Cash for snacks and beverages

  • Reusable water bottle and/or a thermos

  • Loonies and toonies for the showers

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Flashlights, headlamps and/or lanterns

  • Food for the potluck on Friday night (Food will be provided for Saturday and Sunday. There will be a vegetarian option, but if you have food allergies/sensitivities or picky children, you may want to bring your own food.)

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