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Ngondro Retreat Weekend with Anders Hedelin

Where: San Diego

2823 Curie Place, San Diego, CA 92122, USA

When: Friday March 22 - Sunday March 24

If you have questions about the weekend please contact us at 858-431-9610 or sandiego@diamondway.org


Friday the 22nd
7:30pm: Lecture (Enlightened Mind: Bodhicitta) followed by guided meditation

Saturday the 23rd
10:00 am: Personal Practice
11:00 am: Lecture (Ngondro: The Four Preliminary Practices)
01:00 pm: Lunch
02:30 pm: Personal Practice
04:00 pm: Q&A
06:00 pm: Dinner
07:30 pm: Lecture (Ngondro: The Four Preliminary Practices) followed by guided meditation

Sunday the 24th
10:00 am: Personal Practice
11:00 am: Lecture (Life stories of Karma Kagyu masters and history of the Diamond Way)
01:00 pm: Lunch
02:00 pm: Clean-Up
03:00 pm: Socialize

Cost: $50/weekend or $10/lecture and $8/meal.

Anders took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in December 1994. He studied at the Karmapa Buddhist Institute (KIBI) in 1995-96 and traveled frequently with Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in the following years in Russia, Europe, and America. Anders studied Religious Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Currently, he works for the military service in Denmark and lives near the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Copenhagen.

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