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Lecture w/ Sergio Ayala: Getting To The Root of Disturbing Emotions

Where: Los Angeles

4474 W. Adams Blvd. #204 Los Angeles, CA 90036

When: Monday January 21
Time: 8:00pm

We all want to be happy, and yet sometimes our emotions get the better of us and we feel terrible. What is the basis for emotions like anger or jealousy or attachment? How can we operate in our lives without being bossed around by our habitual reactions? If we experience a situation without being disturbed, what do we experience instead?

Join us for a lecture at the Los Angeles Diamond Way Buddhist Center on Monday, January 21st at 8pm about the nature of disturbing emotions.

Lecture: $15
Doors open at 8pm. The lecture will start at 8:15pm.

Following the lecture, there will be time for questions and answers as well as a short, guided meditation. No previous experience is necessary and we welcome the curious as well as those who have practiced for quite a while to join us.

We have plenty of meditation cushions as well as chairs, depending on your preference. It's a bit chilly this time of year, you may also want to bring a throw, sweater, or sweatshirt as a layer for optimal comfort.

There is free, street parking available around the Center. When you arrive, use the call box to the right of the front door. Scroll through the names until you see "Diamond Way" and hit the "Call" button.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Our address is:
4474 W Adams Blvd. #204
Los Angeles, 90016

The evening's lecture will be given by travel teacher, Sergio Ayala. Sergio, a 6th generation Texan, took Buddhist Refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl in November of 1997. In March of 2002 Sergio was asked by Lama Ole to travel and teach Diamond Way Buddhism. Sergio works at Texas State University doing prehistoric archaeological research, has two daughters, Olivia and Carys, has been a part of the Austin, Texas, Sangha since 1997, and has taught in North America, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

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