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Lecture with Marta György-Kessler in Tijuana, Mexico

Where: Index Open Studio
When: Monday November 26
Time: 8 pm

Join us for a lecture with Marta György-Kessler in the vibrant city of Tijuana, Mexico! We welcome you to our city to learn about Marta's experience in Diamond Way and enjoy some tacos afterwards :)

The location is only 2 miles away from the border crossing entry: https://goo.gl/maps/e2s7ivo8B5B2

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Marta was born in Hungary and took refuge in Budapest in 1990 with Lama Ole. From 1993 Marta lived and worked in a number of different Buddhist centers in Germany, primarily in Munich. She organised the Balkan tour with Lama Ole since 1993. Marta traveled many times with Lama Ole and Hannah in different countries, traveling and helping with the tours of HH 17th Karmapa in Europe. Marta was asked to teach by Lama Ole in 2002. Professionally Marta is an actress, a movement therapist and a movement teacher. Currently living in London. She made a documentary movie about the life of Hannah Nydahl.

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