Diamond Way Events
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Weekend Retreat + travel to CA

Where: Santa Fe

30 Sunlit Dr W, Santa Fe, NM 87508

When: Friday November 16 - Monday November 19

Weekend before Mahamudra course in San Diego Santa Fe will host a meditation weekend with TT panels. Then we'll be loading up cars and making the drive out to San Diego together. This is continuing a tradition of driving from NM to CA, with a stop at the Grand Canyon.

Tentative schedule:
SFe program-
Fri Nov 16: public talk in SFe
Sat 17 Santa Fe program (meditation sessions/ TT panels)
Sun 18 Santa Fe program (meditation sessions/ TT panels)

Mon 19 Santa Fe to Flagstaff/Williams
Tues 20 Grand Canyon - Las Vegas
Wed 21 arrive San Diego (lecture 8pm with Ole)

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