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Karma: Causality - Lecture by Bea Amar

Where: San Francisco
Please contact us for the exact location: (415) 294-1406 or sanfrancisco@diamondway.org
When: Thursday June 28
Time: 8pm

No prior experience with Buddhism or meditation is necessary, and beginners are welcome.

Admission: $15 (Newcomers $10)

Bea Amar was born in 1970 in Bonn, Germany. In 1995 she met Lama Ole Nydahl in Cologne and took Buddhist refuge. Bea lived in and took part in activity of Cologne Buddhist center until 2009. She also lived in Copenhagen Buddhist center since 2013. In 2011 Lama Ole asked Bea to teach. Bea is a professional health therapist and holds a PhD in Tibetan studies.

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