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Weekend with Tomek Lehnert

Where: Austin

811 W St Johns Ave #2101, Austin, TX 78752, USA

When: Friday June 1 - Sunday June 3

Please join us for a weekend with Tomek Lehnert. The focus of the weekend with be "Teacher Student Relationship".

It would be ideal if you could let us know early on if you are planning on attending. Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/JBntSfKV2spx1agB2

Food and accommodations will be arranged separately and will depend on projected attendance. It will be $60 for the entire course or $15 per lecture.

Please contact us at austin@diamondway.org with any questions or concerns.

Tomek Lehnert was born in 1956 in Gdansk, Poland. He studied Civil Engineering at the Polytechnics of Gdansk and English literature at the University of Poznan, Poland. In the early eighties, he became active in the students’ Solidarity movement in the then communist Poland. In January 1983, during martial law in Poland, Tomek met Lama Ole Nydahl, took Buddhist refuge and became Ole’s student.

In the following years, Tomek received teachings and Buddhist empowerments from the main Karma Kagyu lamas in India and Nepal. He moved to the centre in Copenhagen in 1985 and began traveling with Lama Ole in 1987. Since 1988, together with Ole’s wife Hannah Nydahl and Caty Hartung, he has organised Lama Ole’s dharma activity and helped start Diamond Way Buddhist centers in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Russia and Western and Eastern Europe.

Tomek translated for Lama Ole at his lectures in Poland and Latin America for more than ten years. At Lama Ole’s request, he started teaching in 2003. Tomek Lehnert is the author of ‘Rogues in Robes’, Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1998, a chronicle of a controversy over the recognition of HH the 17th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He continues helping and traveling with Lama Ole.

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