Diamond Way Events
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Lectures with Diamond Way Teacher - Bea Amar

Where: Denver

240 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, USA

When: Wednesday July 11 - Thursday July 12

The Denver Center has the honor of hosting Diamond Way Teacher, Bea Amar for two nights.

Wednesday July 11th: Love & Partnership
Thursday July 12th: Enlightened Mind - Bodhicitta

Lectures will start at 7:30 and will be followed by meditation.

Suggested Donation: $10/lecture

Bea Amar was born in 1970 in Bonn, Germany and grew up on the countryside. She met Lama Ole in Cologne and took refuge in 1995. Bea lived in the Cologne Buddhist Center until 2009, then moved to Munich and in 2013 she relocated to the Copenhagen Buddhist Center. Today, Bea's work has taken her back to Cologne and Munich. She is a professional health therapist and has a PhD in Tibetan Studies. Lama Ole asked Bea to start giving talks in Diamond Way Centers in 2011.

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