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Teachings with Pit and Maike Weigelt

Where: Portland

3030 Northeast Pacific Street, Portland, OR 97232, USA

When: Friday March 30 - Sunday April 1

Maike and Pit Weigelt took Buddhist refuge in 1992. Lama Ole Nydahl asked them to travel around the world as Diamondway teachers in 1997, and since then their lecture tours have taken them across Europe, Russia, North and South America. Former school teachers, they have been providing Buddhist teaching materials as well as offering advanced training in Buddhism for teachers in Germany. They edit and translate books for Lama Ole and for the magazine “­Buddhism Today.”  In 2009 they moved from Northern Germany south to Immenstadt to support the Europe Center, the big international Buddhist center. They are parents of three adult children and have three grandchildren.

Schedule of events:
7:00 pm Lasting Values in an Impermanent World

10:00am Five Buddha Families 
1:30 – 3:00pm Personal Meditation practice
4:00pm Working with Emotions

10:00am Love and Partnership
3:00pm Importance of Sangha (to include talk about the EC and DWBC international sangha)

Talks are $15 each.  Email portland@diamondway.org for more information.

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