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Intro to Buddhist Meditation

Where: Austin

605 W St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752, USA

When: Thursday March 22
Time: 7:30

Join us for an evening of teachings and meditation with Diamond Way Teacher Eric Gibson. Eric will give an introduction to Diamond Way Buddhist teachings and meditation.

“Meditation is mind’s gift to itself.” - Lama Ole Nydahl

To start a meditation, we first calm and focus the mind. To do this we usually concentrate on the breath or on an object. We then use this focussed attention to develop insight. The ultimate aim of Buddhist meditation is insight into the nature of mind – enlightenment.

Meditating on the Buddha, or on the Buddha-like qualities of one’s liberated or enlightened Buddhist teacher, accomplishes both of these. The outer form attracts and holds our attention. And with the insight that our own nature is enlightened like the Buddha’s, we can make fast progress.

In 2002, at Lama Ole’s request, he began giving formal Dharma teachings and has since traveled through the Americas and Russia sharing his experience. His big heart and joyful style have inspired many people. Eric and his wife Milla live in Minneapolis, MN, where they are active in the local Diamond Way Buddhist Center. He has a degree in Philosophy, and works as a Financial Advisor.

Suggested Donation: $10

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