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Weekend with Sara Finnerty

Where: Seattle
2114 Western Ave, Unit #11, Seattle, WA 98121
When: Saturday February 10 - Sunday February 11

This coming weekend we're about to dive into a wonderful Dharma weekend, with talks and meditation sessions.

Newcomers are welcome!

Saturday, Feb 10

12:00 - Lecture: The Three Jewels: Buddha, teachings, and friends on the way
1:30 - Lunch (approximate)
3:00 - Q&A and/or personal practice session
7:00 - Lecture: Five Buddha Families
9:00 - Dinner/CRC Fundraiser

Sunday, Feb 11

11:00 - Lecture: The Three Roots: Teacher, Methods, and Protection
1:00 - Lunch (approximate)
3:00 - Q&A and/or personal practice session
7:00 - Lecture: Buddhist Refuge

Suggested donation is $10 per lecture.

About Sara Finnerty

Sara was born in Wyoming in 1971. In 1991 while living and studying in San Francisco, she met and took Buddhist refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl. She has lived in and helped to found centers in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada. At Lama Ole's request she began traveling and teaching Buddhism in Diamond Way centers in 2015. Sara resides in Las Vegas, NV where she owns a successful physical fitness company.

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