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Lecture: View, Meditation, and Action in Diamond Way Buddhism

Where: Denver
240 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, USA
When: Wednesday February 7
Time: 7:30pm

From the mundane to the extraordinary challenges of life, we search for meaning and methods to remedy life's troubles. Whether the excitement of busy lifestyles, or the joys of partnership, many look for advice to find freedom in their minds when faced with difficulties.

The 2,500 year old teachings of Buddhism contain three pillars for people’s lives in which to create a strong basis for all of life's experiences.

There is a view which shows a level of a perfection in the here and now. There are meditations for holding the view and training a mind free of distractions. And finally with a liberating perspective and a firm foundation one goes into the world free to actively and joyfully express themselves as they see of benefit.

Join us for this one-hour lecture followed by meditation.

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