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Lecture Series Weekend with Sara Finnerty

Where: DWBC Chicago
When: Friday January 19 - Sunday January 21

Join us for a weekend lecture series with Sara Finnerty.

Sara Finnerty has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism since 1991. She met her teacher, Lama Ole Nydahl, while she was a university student in San Francisco.

She has lived in and help start Diamond Buddhist Way centers across the United States since 1993; in California, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada. Following Lama Ole's request, she has been traveling teaching Diamond Way Buddhism since 2015.Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, NV where she is the owner of a rehabilitation and Pilates studio.

Get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/buddhist-lecture-series-with-sara-finnerty-tickets-42113376242

Friday 1/19
8 pm - Lecture: 'The Four Thoughts That Make Our Lives Meaningful'

Saturday 1/20
11 am-12 pm - Q&A
12 pm-1 pm - Meditation

1 pm-3 pm - Lunch

3 pm-4 pm - Meditation
4 pm-6 pm - Lecture: 'Cause and Effect/Karma - Making a Powerful Life'

6 pm-8 pm - Dinner

8 pm - Lecture: 'Love and Partnership From Buddhist Perspective '

Sunday 1/21
11 am-12 pm - Q&A
12 pm-1 pm - Meditation

1 pm-3 pm - Lunch

3 pm-5 pm - Open House
5 pm - Open House Dinner

$5/breakfast, $5/lunch, $10/ dinner

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