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Karma - Opportunity in Every Moment | A public lecture with Ryan Singer

Where: Madison
When: Monday November 13
Time: 8 pm

Karma is cause and effect. Every moment presents us with an opportunity to consciously direct our lives toward more free, positive and healthy experiences. Unlike limiting concepts such as fate, karma instills in us that the future is totally malleable and not concretely fixed.

Karma: Opportunity in Every Moment will cover the foundation of the Buddhist teachings. Understanding the relationship between what we think, say, and do and its influence on our immediate experience marks the initial development of great inner freedom and power.

Suggested donation of $10 and $5 for students.

About Ryan:

Ryan was already deeply interested in mind and consciousness before he became a student of Lama Ole Nydahl in 2004. He deepened his knowledge by traveling to Diamond Way centers throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America, while also helping manage the Diamond Way Buddhist Center of Chicago. In 2009, he, along with many friends from the Midwest, established the Heartland Retreat Center in Wisconsin.

In 2012, Lama Ole ask Ryan to teach, and he's shared his insights in numerous centers throughout North America.

Ryan currently lives with his girlfriend in Chicago and is a product manager at a world-renowned web app company.

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