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New Location Grand Opening!

Where: Austin
When: Friday August 4 - Sunday August 6

To welcome you in our new center we will host a special program weekend with many 30 minute teaching sessions by Diamond Way Buddhist Teacher, Sergio Ayala. He will cover many essential teachings from Diamond Way Buddhism. Q&A will follow each teaching session. Afterwards, there will be a guided meditation. The dates are August 4th - 6th. Please check out the information below for more details.

8:00 pm "Introduction to Diamond Way Buddhism"

10:00 am "The Source of Happiness"
1:00 pm "The Enlightened Attitude"
4:00 pm "Meditation in Diamond Way"
7:00 pm "Wisdom, Compassion, and Bodhisattva Activity"

11:00 am "The Importance of the Lineage and the Lama"

A guided meditation on the 16th Karmapa will follow each lecture.

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