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WRC Meditation & Work Retreat

Where: Western Retreat Center
When: Friday June 30 - Sunday July 2

Dear Friends!

You are welcome to join us at WRC over the weekend of June 30 - July 2, as we’ll be preparing the grounds for the teaching retreat with Pedro & Dorrit scheduled for mid-July, and the Bodhisattva Course with DWTs in mid-September.

Some of the tasks on the list are: cleaning the barn Gompa, re-arranging the altar, stripping the outdoor dining tables off of the old paint, re-painting the tables, sorting the equipment in the tool shed, and fixing/replacing the yet-once-again-disintegrated shade cloth over the meditation platform. But the most exciting project of them all is breaking up the defective and already cracked concrete under three out of twelve barn footings and re-pouring the new concrete – all is while the side of the barn is jacked-up and propped by the 4x4s rested on the pier blocks. We are talking hydraulic jacks, heavy-duty jackhammers, hilti roto hammers, concrete mixers, picks and shovels, and of course, potential property damage and loss of human life :-)

However, if the only tools you would want to deal with this weekend are the malas, cushions, prostration boards and sliders – well, come right along and dive deep into your meditation practice whether on the meditation platform, cabins’ decks, or at the Stupa point. Your presence and efforts will be greatly appreciated!

Cost: $10/person/night, food is not provided.

We look forward to seeing you at WRC soon!

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