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A Talk by Tomek Lehnert: “My 30 years on the Road with Lama Ole - Teacher and Student Relationship” 

Where: DWBC San Francisco
When: Saturday June 24
Time: 8pm

You are invited to join us for an inspiring talk by Tomek Lehnert, visiting guest teacher and a wealth of Buddhist information.

Following the talk there will be time for Q & A and a Guided meditation.

Suggested donation: $15 general/ $10 newcomers

No experience needed. Everyone is welcome!

LOCATION: In the Inner Richmond of San Francisco. Please call for the exact address.

About the Speaker:
Tomek Lehnert was born in 1956 in Gdansk, Poland. After studying Civil Engineering and English literature, he became active in the students’ Solidarity movement in the then communist Poland.
 In January 1983, during martial law in Poland, Tomek met Lama Ole Nydahl, took Buddhist refuge and became Ole’s student. In the following years, Tomek received initiations and teachings from high Karma Kagyu lamas in India and Nepal. He began traveling with Lama Ole in 1987, and helped organize Lama Ole’s dharma activity for twenty years. He was as well helping start Diamond Way Buddhist centers in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Russia and Western and Eastern Europe. Tomek translated for Lama Ole at his lectures in Poland and Latin America for more than ten years. At Lama Ole's request, he started teaching in 2003.

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