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Lecture by Diamond Way Buddhist teacher

Where: Madison
When: Thursday May 18
Time: 8:00pm

On May 18 we'll have a lecture with Diamond Way Buddhist teacher Clauda Faiguenboim, who's originally from Brazil. The topic of this lecture will be: "Teacher-Student Relationship"

A donation of $10 is greatly appreciated to support the travel costs of Claudia's tour.

Claudia first became a student of Lama Ole Nydahl in 2003. Following Lama Ole and his wife Hannah's request, she, together with her husband, established a Diamond Way center in Barcelona that same year. She supported the center there until 2010, after which she and her husband moved to Bogotá, Colombia.

Claudia and her husband then helped established the first "live-in" Diamond Way center in Bogotá, where a few idealistic friends lived and ran the center together. Lama Ole asked Claudia to teach in December of 2014.

She now lives in Los Angeles and works in communications and marketing. She is also studying to become a health coach.

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