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Meditation Retreat with Kristian Zacho

Where: Western Retreat Center
When: Friday May 19 - Sunday May 21

Please join us at the WRC for lectures and meditations with Diamond Way Buddhist teacher Kristian Zacho. The program will include teachings, Q&A, and personal and group meditation sessions.

Kristian Zacho was born in Denmark in 1978. He took refuge with Lama Ole in 2001 and is a DW teacher since 2008. Kristian has lived in DWBC Copenhagen in 2003-2011. He works as a high school teacher of history and physical education.

Retreat Schedule:

Friday, May 19
Arrival/Set-Up: 2pm-4pm
Personal Practice: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
16K Group Meditation: 8pm

Saturday, May 20
Personal Practice: 7am-8am
Breakfast: 8am-9am
Personal Practice: 9am-11am
Lecture “Meaning of Buddhist Refuge”: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm-3pm
Personal Practice: 3pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm
Lecture “Teacher-Student Relationship in DW”: 8pm-10pm
16K Group Meditation: 10pm

Sunday, May 21
Personal Practice: 7am-8am
Breakfast: 8am-9am
Personal Practice: 9am-10am
Lecture “Importance of Meditation in DW”: 10am-12pm
Lunch: 12pm-1pm
Cleaning/Camp Break-Down: 1pm-2pm
16K Group Meditation: 2pm

Retreat Cost:
Fri-Sun -- $65/person
Sat-Sun -- $50/person

Please help us plan the meals by emailing your arrival day, time and number of people in your party to wrc-kitchen@diamondway.org or click “GOING” at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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