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Lectures with Pedro and Dorrit Gomez

Where: Seattle
When: Monday July 17 - Wednesday July 19

Pedro and Dorrit first met Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in 1984 at the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Copenhagen, where they took Buddhist refuge. Pedro traveled with the Nydahls, crossing North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia, and made a secret journey through Tibet in 1986. Out of gratitude and inspiration Pedro and Dorrit created a place to benefit and protect the Karma Kagyu lineage and offered it to Karmapa and the lineage. It was named “Karma Guen” after the famous seat of the Karmapas in Tibet. Pedro and Dorrit still live there and have been traveling worldwide giving lectures about Buddhism and sharing stories from decades of working for the benefit of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

During this transmission tour, their first in the USA, Pedro and Dorrit will share the great modern stories of our lineage, including their experiences on the secret Journey through Tibet, the development of the Karma Guen Retreat Center, the Copenhagen Diamond Way Center, and the exciting events surrounding the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje's departure from Tibet, among others.

Monday, July 17
2:00pm - Lunch: Wann
4:00pm - Q&A in the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park
6:30pm – Dinner at the DWBC Seattle
8:00pm - Lecture: Karma Guen

Tuesday, July 18
9:00am - Breakfast: CJ's
10:30am – Lecture: 17th Karmapa Leaving Tibet, part 1
1:00pm – Lunch at the DWBC Seattle
2:30pm – Lecture: 17th Karmapa Leaving Tibet, part 2
5:00pm – Break
5:30pm – Lecture: 17th Karmapa Leaving Tibet, part 3
8:00pm - Dinner: Long Provincial Vietnamese

Wednesday, July 19
9:00am - Breakfast: Bacco Cafe
11:00am - 16th Karmapa meditation at the center

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